UFOs The Human Factor Conference 19th March 2016 The Southport Spiritualist Church 55 Portland Street, Southport



Doors Open 11am

Come and join us for an information packed event @

 The Southport Spiritualist Church 55 Portland Street, Southport. PR8 1HN

Entrance Fee £15.

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Special Guest: Steve Mera Phenomena Magazine, UFOs In The Northwest.

Speaker: Tony Topping My Encounters With UFOs.

1st Time Speakers On The UK Circuit Sue Kyng, Experiences With Off World Beings & Johnny Booth UFOs The Human Factor.


  • 11.45 Until 13.00pm Tony Topping.

    My Encounters With UFOs.


     Tony Topping has had UFO encounters since childhood his experiences became known to a covert group. He was covertly harassed.“Your the person who has had UFO encounters, you will come from all walks of life, you might be a UFO researcher or had a UFO incident .you are baffled by it. What you see is information that just does not give you the answers, because the reality of UFO encounters in real life is different to what we are told.”

    Tony takes the audience on a very deep journey of unorthodox understanding into the real life elements that involve UFOs.Tony has had a lifetime of experience with the UFO phenomena. Here he shares unique knowledge of his spiritual journey and encounters with UFO craft that take an evolutionary jump in knowledge, This unique information forms part of a major TV documentary project. Bring a pen we’ll bring the paper it is going to be an information packed talk with fascinating image analysis of his UFO contact. Tony has appeared often on national TV & radio.

    Tony’s Official Site

    1300pm until 1330pm Short Break:


    Special Guest: Steve Mera  13.30-14.45.

     UFOs In The Northwest.


    Steve Mera

    UFOs in the North West Parapsychologist Steve Mera has also had extensive training in regards UFO investigation and research and was the an investigative co-ordinator and tutor for the British UFO Research Association. In this fascinating lecture Steve will reveal some startling facts about a mysterious and intrusive presence in our skies and also reveals sensitive information in regards the lengths the UK government will go to, so to keep their exotic experimental aircraft secret. Steve will also be discussing his work as a telecommunications officer for NATO and also will be showing some incredible photographs and videos that proves, ‘We may not be alone’…

    Phenomena Magazine

    Sue Kyng 14.45-15.30

    The Experience Of Off World Beings.

    Sue Kyng a singer, actress, author and a lady with an astounding story of UFO & Paranormal related experiences to share. Please give her a warm welcome it is her first UK talk.

    Sue Kyng

    Sue Kyng’s Latest Book

    “During the course of my life I have been blessed with an abundance of profound spiritual experiences, many of which have been with ‘Off World Beings’, both here physically and aboard their ‘Spaceships’, plus many more encounters through ‘Out if Body Experiences.’

    As a consequence I would now like to share with you the deep and heartfelt knowledge of the infinite beauty, and sacredness that we all share even in the face of the tremendous courage it takes to complete our Earthly journeys.”

    Sue Kyng Official Site

    Johnny Booth 1st UK Presentation. 16.00-17.15pm




    In 2013 Johnny Booth had what many people would call a ‘spiritual awakening’ which filled him with an almost uncontrollable thirst to learn, experience and eventually teach various subjects including:- Consciousness, Metaphysics, Energy healing, Meditation, Channeling, Mediumship, UFO and ET phenomenon and much more.The basis of Johnny’s teaching is built upon oneness, balance and self empowerment.
    The idea being that through increased awareness and a shift in perspective, the supernatural can become natural and the paranormal can become normal. Also that many experiences that seem fear based and negative are not always as they seem and can become positively enriching, or at the very least neutrally acceptable.During this event Johnny will be focusing on the subject of how we as humans are effected by events such as experiencing UFO’s & spacecraft and having various types of ET contact.
    These events happen on many levels of consciousness and can therefore effect the physical, mental, emotional and energetic systems. Johnny will share some of his own experiences and offer some advice on how to prepare both pro-actively, and also cope with the after effects of such phenomena…